Types Of Affiliate Businesses You Should Know

Affiliate business or affiliate is a program to earn money by helping to promote goods or services belonging to others. If the goods or services are successfully sold in the market, we will get a profit in the form of commission homepage. Starting your affiliate marketing training is not difficult as long as there are great intention and perseverance. For those of you who don’t know what types of business this is, here’s the review:

1. PPC (Pay Per Click)
This type of affiliate program you will get a commission based on the clicks obtained. So you will be given a link usually in the form of a banner, if someone clicks on the banner then you will get paid.

One example of the most popular PPC program in the world is Google Adsense. But to register google AdSense is not easy, certain requirements must be met.

2. PPV (Pay Per View) or PPM (Pay Per Impression)
Commissions earned from this type of affiliate program are based on the view or appearance of advertisements on blogs or websites. Usually, payment will be given per 1000 or 10000 ad impressions.

Now for those of you who want to join this type of affiliate program, you must have a blog or website. And of course, the blog or website already has a lot of regular visitors, so that the results are maximum.

3. PPS (Pay Per Sale)
In this type of affiliate program, you will get a commission in the form of a percent (%) and with a fairly high nominal, between 30% to 70%. The commission is given if you succeed in selling goods or services to the buyer, the more goods sold, the more commission you get.

So it’s almost the same as Dropship in buying and selling online.

4. PPL (Pay Per Lead)
This type of affiliate program we will get a commission based on how many people we successfully invite (recruit) to register as a free member with an affiliate link that we have. Usually, this PPL is a form, and when someone else has filled in and click the submit button, we have got 1 lead.

This program also has premium members or paid members, who will certainly have a greater advantage than free members or member areas.

5. PPD (Pay Per Download)

This type of affiliation we will get a commission if someone else can download either an image file, game or in other forms with our affiliate link.

So our job is just to spread the link, and everyone who downloads from our link will get paid, but remember not to spam.

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