Bed Bugs, Blood Suckers When We Sleep

Bed bugs have long been known. Believe it or not, bed bugs have bitten cave dwellers 30,000 years ago. That means the mattress infestation has been a natural enemy of humans for a long time. The first person to know how to control bed bugs was a British scientist. The best way to get rid of bed bug Hawaii now is with the help of pest control.

When sucking blood, bed bugs use a jointed beak or lower beak on the head. If not used, the back of the beak is tied under the head, and when used for eating, the beak will protrude forward. The beak consists of two pairs of needle-like stylet supported by a lower lip called the labium. The two pairs of stylets, when folded together and pressed, will form two pairs of tubes. A large tube to suck blood and a small tube to pass saliva into the capillary duct to puncture wound.