Impact That Appears If Child’s Teeth Are Damaged

Tooth decay in children occurs due to bad bacteria in the mouth. This condition usually arises due to improper dental treatment.
At the dentist West columbia sc, we can find dental care for children right because the dentists there are very familiar with the characteristics and psychology of children.
Damaged teeth will have three effects on a child.

Starting from masticatory disorders, a child who experiences damage to his teeth will usually be difficult to eat and tends to choose soft or soupy foods to be easily swallowed without chewing.
The condition of the milk teeth in a damaged child also makes permanent teeth that will grow to lose guidance.
If the milk teeth are damaged and have to be removed before the date, then the seeds of their permanent teeth will lose the direction of growth.
This can cause the arrangement of permanent teeth to become crowded (crowding).

The thing that is not forgotten is an aesthetic disorder. Children with damaged teeth, especially on the front will reduce their beauty or good looks.
What needs to be looked at is the psychological burden of the child when his friends give rampant comments.
tooth decay in children is mostly caused by the use of bottle milk at night.
The remaining milk that sticks throughout the night creates an acidic condition that is very favored by bacteria to breed.
Tooth decay can also be caused by unhealthy eating habits. The children’s fondness for sweets like sweets, if done excessively, will damage the teeth.
In order to protect children’s teeth, do not let the child fall asleep with a milk bottle, preferably after drinking milk, end by gargling with water to clean up the remnants of milk sticking to the teeth.
Limit the number of sweet foods consumed by children. Foods with sour taste will weaken the enamel and make the child’s teeth easily perforated.

Don’t forget to check your child’s teeth twice a year to detect damage early on.
Teach children how to brush their teeth properly, hold the toothbrush in a position to form a 45-degree sump, brush your teeth in a circular motion from top to bottom for about 20 seconds on each tooth.
It takes about two to three minutes to brush your teeth cleanly.
For the right children’s toothpaste, choose toothpaste specially formulated for children, must not contain detergents and bleach so it is safe to swallow by children who have not been able to gargle properly.

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