The Core Duties Of Security Officers

Every office, company or even a house definitely needs a security officer. This section is very important to ensure the safety and security of those who employ security guards. At Defender Services , you can choose the security officer that suits your needs. You don’t need to worry about their loyalty because they are already trained. They know all the basic tasks as security guards. The main task is to maintain security and order in the environment of the object of security, especially physical security that is preventive. The following are the complete duties of the security officers:

• Securing an asset, agency, project, building, property or place and monitoring equipment, supervision, inspection, and access points, to ensure safety and prevent accidental loss or damage.
• Take security precautions.
• Control traffic by directing drivers.
• Completing reports by recording observations, information, events and monitoring activities.
• Sustain the environment by monitoring and managing buildings and equipment controls.
• Maintain organizational stability and reputation by meeting legal requirements.
• Ensure equipment operation by completing preventive maintenance requirements; follow instructions, evaluate new equipment and techniques.
• Contributions to the team’s efforts to achieve the related results needed.
• Prevent and early detection of intruders, activities or people who enter illegally, vandalism or breakers/jumpers fences in the area of ​​authority where the company.
• Prevent and early detection of theft, loss, misuse or embezzlement of tools, machinery, computers, equipment, stocks of goods, money, bonds, stocks, notes or documents or securities belonging to the company.
• Protect (escort) against physical hazards (people and goods that are the assets of companies or individuals).
• Control, control traffic (people, vehicles, and goods) to ensure the protection of company assets.
• Carry out compliance efforts, uphold rules and apply company policies, work regulations and practices in the context of preventing crime.
• Report and handle the beginning of the violation.
• Report and handle incidents and calls/requests for security, assistance, including the concept, installation, and maintenance of alarm systems.